Here's how it works:

  1. Contact us with your order details

  2. We’ll respond and confirm your terms and pricing

  3. Once you accept the terms, we’ll process and ship your order. Invoices will be emailed via Quickbooks from Onyx Coffee LLC

Net 60 day terms* are available with: 

  • 10+ Cases of 12oz Jars

  • Includes Free Shipping + 200 Bulk CBH Sticks

  • Wholesale Price/Jar: $8.50 (Compared to $9.00 Base Pricing)

Net 90 day terms* are available with:

  • 30+ cases of 12oz Jars

  • Includes Free Shipping + 400 Bulk CBH Sticks

  • Wholesale Price/Jar: $8.00 (Compared to $9.00 Base Pricing)

To order or inquire contact or call (774) 246-6391

*Extended payment terms are subject to approval and require on-time payments on any prior transactions. For new customers, a credit reference may be requested before approving extended terms.